What Is Astral Projection?

by Scott Morrice on 11/14/2012

Astral projection—what the heck is it anyways?

I briefly, and jokingly, mentioned the term astral projection in my last The Lucid Dreaming Experience post, and I have been deluged (well, not quite) with questions about what the heck that means.

So—my response.

First, some “definitions”. Note: I am spending some time and space on these “definitions” to try and illustrate what I believe is the very shaky foundation this whole belief system is founded upon.

First—Madame Blavatsky, (1831-1891), is one of the co-founders of the Theosophical Society in New York in 1875.

Note: theosophy has been defined as a religious system based on intuitive insight. But—I’m not sure that this advances us much. Theosophy has also been defined as the beliefs or practices of collectors of mystical and occult philosophies who claim to be handing down the great secrets of some ancient wisdom. (Much better!)

In any event, according to Madame Blavatsky, the astral body is one of seven bodies each of us has. And according to Wikipedia “The astral body is a subtle body…intermediate between the intelligent soul and the physical body…”

And—the astral body is said to be capable of leaving the other bodies for an out-of-body experience known as astral projection.

Astral projection is one of a sub-set of out-of-body experiences (OBE). In the “normal” OBE, such as a near death experience (and I’m really not sure the word “normal” belongs anywhere near this discussion), it is the person’s consciousness that apparently separates from the body. Astral projection is different again—in that case it is the astral body that separates from the person. And, in this latter case, at least as I understand it, the person’s consciousness stays with the astral body.

In addition, and very important to all of this, the astral body at all times remains “tethered” to the physical body with a kind of silver umbilical cord. (I am NOT making this up!)

For those that have experienced the journey, astral projection is almost like being in a lucid dream. Except it is not a dream—it is real. You can’t manipulate the dream’s “script”. You are conscious and aware. Apparently it is like visiting another semi-physical dimension that is just as real as our normal physical universe. Energy and matter seem to have different properties—for instance matter is less solid. Apparently you can instantly “teleport” to far off locations—-and I mean really far off (not sure what happens to the silver umbilical cord during all of this travel), and travel backwards and forwards in time.

There doesn’t seem to be any real advantages, save one, to practicing astral travel. You don’t seem to be able to manipulate things, or events. You are just an observer.

The one positive mentioned by all of those that claim the ability to astral project is the loss of fear of death. There is a reassuring confirmation for those people that do successfully astral project that the consciousness of a person is separate from their physical body—they come to a very clear and comforting understanding that our consciousness survives our physical death.

You know, I really want to believe all of this. But I can’t.

All the evidence, all of it, is anecdotal. My left-brain is looking for something stronger to hang on to. I point to my earlier Mind, Body, Spirit Issues post—I am deeply skeptical about certain aspects of this field.

I think the whole idea of astral projection is a wonderful idea. I intend to read more about it. I am working hard at keeping my mind open. There are people that I have tremendous amounts of respect for, that are far more intelligent than I, that embrace the idea. Who am I to say?

I’ll keep working on it, and….

I’ll keep you posted.

  • Hi, this post was very insightful on the topic of astral projection. However, I am going to have to disagree with you on some points, as I am a firm believer in astral projection, and while I don’t specialize in it, I have had quite a few astral projection experiences in my life so I can stand as a witness to that I had experienced it. When I astral project, I truly feel free as if I can just leave go of all that remains in my normal life and roam and go where I please. It’s just my take on things.

    • scottmorrice

      Yes–as I tried to convey—I definitely don’t have all the answers. And I am trying to keep my mind open about these ideas as I bump up against them. It is all part of my journey.


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