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by Scott Morrice on 06/06/2012

The other day I was just scanning through my own list of  top personal development blogs that I have developed over time, and I came across an interesting post written by Katie C called I’m tired of health blogs (note, Katie C is not writing a personal development blog).

In this particular post, Katie C is writing about finding balance in your search for healthy living, suggesting, correctly I think, that the essence of a truly healthy life is not lurching from one crazy health fad to another, nor is it in trying to live up to someone else’s idea of being healthy. The real answer is actually quite simple—it is in finding balance—in the context of what is good for YOU—right now—at this particular point in time. And I believe—and I think that she alludes to this idea herself—this approach should apply to all aspects of our lives. It is ALL about finding balance.

Anyways, she got me thinking (never a good thing).

She writes that she is tired of reading health blogs—well, I am getting tired of reading some of the personal development blogs that are so popular. Now remember—I said “some”, not “all”.

But I am finding that some of the more well known personal development blogs are just so heavily commercialized with book promotions, cd’s, newsletters, invitations to seminars, conferences, and all manner of other products, all authored, spoken or created by that particular “expert”, you just have to wonder (at least I certainly do) what the motivation for all that is. Does this really reflect a genuine desire to help others with their personal development, their physical or spiritual health, or is it just about making a buck?

I think the answer is really important. And I am worried about what it might be.

I don’t have any problem with making money, earning a living, creating profits. But I do have a problem, especially when it involves the field of mind/body/spirit, of which personal development comprises a part, and which by its very nature involves such personal issues, when making money is the prime motivator.

Because you can’t trust the result.

And on top of that, the “products” are being directed at people who most need this help.

I have written about some aspects of this discussion already in my Mind, Body, Spirit Issues  post.

Having said all of this, it is also important to acknowledge that there are some really great sites out there—full of fabulous resources, powerful insights, and full to the brim with good intentions.

As I have said before, you have to be careful about who and what you are listening to—who you are following.

I’ll keep you posted.

  • Katie

    I am so honored that my post inspired your post. It really made my day! There is more that I’m going to write about on this topic especially since now you have inspired me. What I hear from your post, which resonates with me, is the importance of authenticity. Motives and agendas get jumbled when there’s business (with the end goal of $$) involved. Plus, I think that there are some people that have a great idea or a gift that maybe isn’t meant for them to sell or teach to others in order to mold the needy and searching into their image. Thanks again!
    Katie C

    • scottmorrice

      Great! I am looking forward to what you have to say about this idea in the future. By the way, I also enjoyed your post on same sex marriage too! Thanks for dropping by. Scott

  • berylthomas

    I think times have changed on the net and people are far more discerning in what they buy and I strongly suspect that they dislike being sold to. Simon Sinek talks wonderfully about how people are far more interested in making a connection and buy your ‘why’. Authenticity has to be the way.

    • scottmorrice

      I would love to think that your are right!

      Thanks for dropping by!


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