Pause Listen

by Scott Morrice on 06/08/2012

In my How To Pause Your Day post I wrote about the benefits of pausing during the day every so often—really, to just give yourself a break.

Well, I came across a terrific post the other day, about the same idea, pause listen, only on a macro scale!

Maria Shriver, in her The Power Of The Pause post, has some very interesting things to say about pausing your (whole) life. Although she is speaking to a University graduating class, what she says has relevance in all our lives. This is a great post, I urge you to read it.

She talks about the fact that for each of us there are many, different and discrete points in our lives, when just pausing is really the most important thing to do.

And I totally agree with her.

Don’t be rushed into making big decisions just to get the decision made. Don’t make decisions based upon the expectations of others. Don’t be afraid of walking a different path. And very important—follow your heart. Pause. Look inward. If you are listening, the answer will always be there.

I’ll keep you posted.

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