What Is Epigenetics Good For?

by Scott Morrice 10.31.2012

What is epigenetics good for anyways? Well, I am starting to see me more and more answers to this question popping up all over the place. And this is another post in what is becoming my “Epigenetics Series”—more validation of the epigenetics thesis. Please see my What Epigenetics Teaches Us, Why Is Epigenetics Important, Can […]

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Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology

by Scott Morrice 10.23.2012

I just finished my latest review—author Eldon Taylor’s new book: Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology. In fact, an unexpected, but wonderful consequence of starting this Blog, has been the several invitations that have come my way to review books and CD’s related to the field of mind/body/spirit. And—my short and quick advice to you is—this book […]

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Consciousness Is What Exactly?

by Scott Morrice 10.17.2012

In my recent search for a meaningful answer (for me) to the question of—consciousness is what exactly???, I ran into an interesting post by Deepak Chopra called God Will Be Back Tomorrow (Really). Now as I mentioned in my last post What Is Qualia Science, Chopra is of the view that consciousness is the foundation […]

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What Is Qualia Science?

by Scott Morrice 10.10.2012

I’ve started to run into a very interesting term lately—qualia science—mostly in respect of my readings on consciousness. First of all, some definitions. Qualia is all about how you experience things—about sensation, perceptions, feelings, and even thoughts and desires. It is about awareness—the way things seem to us (Daniel Dennett). The most often cited examples […]

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Choosing How To React

by Scott Morrice 10.03.2012

So much has been written about the idea that the life we experience is totally of our own choosing, including choosing how to react. So many of our self-improvement gurus speak and write endlessly about how our emotional responses to situations, those responses that ultimately cascade and result in some our worst health issues, are […]

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