Mindfulness Exercises

by Scott Morrice on 04/19/2012

Recently I wrote about a definition of mindfulness in my post of that same name. But I just discovered what might even be a better explanation of this very important concept, and I thought it would be helpful if I shared it.

Dr. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D is a psychologist in private practice in West Los Angeles, and is author of the book The Now Effect: How a Mindful Moment Can Change the Rest of Your Life.

On his website he writes:

Mindfulness is the ability to cultivate awareness of the present moment while putting aside our programmed biases. It is being in connection with the direct experience of the present moment, the here and now.

Corroborating what I had also written in my post, he goes on to state:

An accelerating amount of research is showing that engaging with mindfulness can help us heal our stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, and open us up to joy, love, self-compassion and a greater sense of connection with ourselves and others. There is even evidence that it can help us nurture a stronger and healthier brain.

I wrote in my post that achieving a state of mindfulness in our everyday lives is something that we should be striving for. Dr. Goldstein again agrees with this thought, and then goes further to list several easy to follow tips on how to weave mindfulness into our busy workday and life. This is worth reading.

You can find Dr. Goldstein’s mindfulness discussion here.

Finally, Dr. Goldstein offers this simple, easy to follow mindfulness exercises that he suggests you try several times a day. Again, this is worth watching.

I’ll keep you posted.

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