How To Pause Your Day

by Scott Morrice on 05/30/2012

Apropos my Embracing My Passion post, wherein I wrote that I seemed to be getting busier and busier every day—but I was okay with that (because Seth said it was okay), I came across an interesting post today that was obviously written just for me—about how to pause your day!

Dr. Elisha Goldstein, a psychologist practicing in the Los Angeles area, and about whom I have written before, wrote a post  that starts off:

… you start realizing that most of us are living in a routine of rushing that doesn’t seem to have an end.

With all apologies to Seth (and myself), I don’t think Dr. Goldstein regards this “rushing” as being particularly okay. In fact he suggests that we deal with it by interspersing our day with several “Pauses”, so that we can check in with ourselves—our body, our emotions, our thoughts. This is all part of being mindful—a state that is much encouraged, and one that I have written about in my A Definition Of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Exercises posts.

And actually, it does make sense to me. And, no, this doesn’t contradict in any way what I wrote about in my Embracing My Passion post. As I said in that post, getting busier and busier all the time, leaving things unfinished at the end of the day, is okay—and accepting that takes away a lot of the pressure. But we probably also practice these Pauses throughout the day as well, as Dr. Goldstein suggests. They will help to keep things in perspective.

Dr. Goldstein also offers an easy 2-minute “Pause” instruction. It is worth a try.

I’ll keep you posted.

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