Hi there! Thanks for visiting! My name is Scott Morrice and this is my site. Let me tell you a little about who I am and what this site is all about.

I am a retired lawyer who practiced law for approximately 35 years.

I worked hard for that law degree, and I probably worked even harder as a lawyer in the many years that followed my graduation. I found the work to be intellectually stimulating, and I enjoyed the satisfaction that came with finding solutions to difficult problems. Year after year I rolled on through life, just like all my contemporaries, putting in the hours, aggressively striving to reach my professional and economic goals.

However, and I say this with perfect 20/20 vision in hindsight, on some level during those years I was also aware that I was never really completely happy with where I was. Although I enjoyed my law practice, and I enjoyed its perks, I was aware that I didn’t love it. And there were many times when I didn’t even like it. In fact, I gradually started to notice that I was starting to look beyond what I was doing, to what I might be doing, even though I had no idea what that might be. I was quite often wondering what my passion in life might have been.

It was also the nature of my work that it was quite stressful. It was full of deadlines and unrealistic expectations. I was quite aware of that stress, but I always felt that I worked better under stress, and that the ability to handle a lot of stress was one of the qualities that separated me from the rest of the pack. In addition, and compounding a growing problem even further, my sense of dissatisfaction with the work part of my life was also creating its own stress.

Eventually, and this took many years, my situation became untenable. I was clearly not enjoying the work part of my life, that part of my life where I was spending most of my waking hours, and as a result I started to make increasingly poor work and life decisions. Of course this just lead to even more stress. Eventually my health failed, and I suffered a life threatening health event.

It was my salvation.

As part of my recovery from this health event, and with the help of professionals, I started to explore techniques and healing remedies that would assist me in handling stress, and even to remove it from my life altogether.

The first of these was self-hypnosis. It was, and continues to be for me, a valuable experience, on many different levels. I was also introduced to acupuncture, qigong, and other forms of self-healing. These discoveries let to others. I started to read about various techniques and disciplines related to self-development and self-enlightenment. I started to investigate and explore exciting and challenging ideas and theories related to consciousness and spirituality.

In short, I have been enthusiastically involved in a wonderful journey into the field of mind, body and spirit. But it is a journey. There is much learning ahead. However I am passionate about it. And I want to share this journey with others.

Hence this Blog.

It is my intention to write about and to share my discoveries, my excitement, my insights, as well as my cynicism, my criticisms and my disappointments, as I explore this field.

And I am inviting you to participate with me. I look forward to your comments, to your own insights and discoveries, and also to hearing your cynicism and your disappointments. If you let me, we will travel this road together.

Full disclosure—I am at the very beginning of this journey. I have much to learn. My lack of education in these matters and my naivety will be obvious. Many of you will be much farther down this path than me. Please be forgiving.

Let’s go!

  • Ross Kerr

    Congratulations Scott! Remember we are all Masters, and only need to remember this truth to be open to the infinite possibilities of this wonderful place called Earth. Enjoy your new passion

  • Anonymous

    I wish you well, Scott.
    Still, along with the venerable St. Augustine, I would submit that our challenge, yours and mine, is to embrace some degree of stress and/or dissatisfaction, and to appreciate them for what they are: stimuli to self-imptrovement.

  • I just discovered your blog Scott and am very impressed and enthused by the journey you are on. It is so easy in our busy lives to pass by what is actually important. It takes time, energy and courage to self-examine and explore the purpose for which we have been placed on this earth. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Sahilmalhan4

    I totally reflect and relate to your ideas. And amazingly I’m in the same sitution that you were in as a lawyer. And I’ ve been thinking of starting a blog for quite sometime now. You are a definite motivator. I will keep following you closely from now on. My first of many queries that are lined up ahead is… How many years did it take for you to finally go for this path, after your graduation that is.

    • scottmorrice

      Hi there—thanks for visiting! Mine was a very long journey—it took several decades of practicing law before I decided to move on. And even then, it took a good proverbial “kick in the pants” to actually move me off centre. All the best with your own journey!


  • Hi Scott. Just found your blog and love it. We’ve got a lot in common and I look forward to connecting more. Thanks for being so open and honest

    • scottmorrice

      Thanks Caig! Good to hear from you.


  • Hannah Spencer

    I have just found your blog, it is great to see your insights on the journey that we are all completing, in one form or another. I will follow what you have to say and look forward to it. Travel safely

    • scottmorrice

      Thank you Hannah! I really do appreciate the encouragement!!


  • Hannah Spencer

    Hi Scott,
    A nice quote I heard once, From learning comes understanding, From understanding comes wisdom, From wisdom comes the Truth
    You walked a hard road to get where you are today, to find the light in the darkness so to speak. Do you think it was worth it? If you had the choice would to choose say a different career so things were easier early on? Can you value the path you took, despite it being difficult, as making you who you are today? I much understand where you are coming from, I would value any insight you may have.

    • scottmorrice

      Hi Hannah
      Great quote!

      As to my own life experiences—I guess I would rather have taken a somewhat different path than I did, if given the choice I would have done things differently, made different choices. But that is all said with the benefit of hindsight.

      And having said that, I choose to believe that it was necessary for me to live the life that I did, to bring me to the point that I am now. It was all part of my journey.

      So, I try not to dwell in “regret”, and choose to accept that it was a necessary part of becoming who I am supposed to become. And I’m sure that is still very much a work in progress as well.


      • Hannah Spencer

        I think that every experience contributes something to who you are, you learn from everything- not just the facts and knowledge but your mind, you way of thinking, your outlook on life, generally you as a person. I have found that every thing I have done has had an impact on everything in the future in some way.
        If you go back and change something, it changes a part of who you are- and would you really want to do that? Do you really know how much any particular incident has affected your life, and would affect your life as long as it may last?
        Very difficult!